Logical assignment operator combines the logical operations(&&, || or ??) with assignment.


ECMAScript or ES is a general-purpose programming language, standardized by Ecma International according to the document ECMA-262. It is a JavaScript standard meant to ensure the interoperability of Web pages across different Web browsers. ECMAScript is commonly used for client-side scripting on the World Wide Web, and it is increasingly being used for writing server applications and services using Node.js.


exp1 &&= exp2
exp1 ||= exp2
exp1 ??= exp2

logical AND assignment operator &&=

The logical assignment operator &&= is used between two values, if the first value is truthy then the…

I am working on open source project and my company project. So I need to have multiple email for git commits. If I start working on my company project, I have to change my git config email by running git config --global user.email work@domail.com. On the other hand, if I start working on open source project, I have to run git config --global user.email personal@email.com.

Sometime I forgot to follow the above step for git configuration, and this create problem for me. …

Nowadays, most of the users wants to login to a website with One-Click rather than typing their email and password. Specially, if you are logging in to your google account which provides an easy to use One-Click sign-in or sign-up mechanism. In the following tutorial, I will explain in details how to implement Google One Tap sign in process using angular and Expressjs .

1 - Get client ID

First, go to https://console.developers.google.com/.click on Credentials on the right side of the page, and the credentials page will open. On the top of credential page, click on CREATE CREDENTIALS and a…

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